Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Block of Block of the Month Quilt Class

Fiona got me into a monthly quilting challenge called Block of the Month in Grayslake - we decided we may not be able to do all the classes, but would follow the book, which is all about "liberating" the quilting conventions.  Not ever having quilted a stitch in my life, becoming liberated is somewhat moot, but fun nonetheless.  I put this together but am afraid to attempt to "square it up" without expert assistance, so it is hanging on my cork board until I see Fiona again...

Pillows from North Carolina fabric

This lovely fabric came from a shop in NC - the Petersen ladies went grocery shopping and somehow stumbled over a fabric store.  How 'bout that.  I covered our icky Pier One pillows with it, and while they are not terribly fluffy, they look a lot nicer!

Bits and pieces still without a home

These little flowerettes need a home.  I made them over the holidays and cannot for the life of me figure out what to do with them!  The blue and orange one could be paired with some of the little odds and ends you see to the left of it.  The bronze and gunmetal could be earrings (too garish?) or 4 necklaces (too cutsie?) - more than likely they will live on my dresser for a year or so until something strikes me.