Friday, January 7, 2011

How-to - Applique Circles

Here is the tutorial I used to make the circle appliques for the 48 circles in the modern quilt for Shayna.  I sorted through 3 different tutorials and this was by far the easiest for a newbie.

To make 48 circle-in-squares, I cut 96 squares of fabric and 96 circles (based on a coaster or a template of the right size of freezer paper.) That was the hardest part!
I followed the tutorial link above to a T and, given that I am NOT a perfectionist, came out with 48 pretty nice little circles inside squares.  Sewing in a circle on the machine was helped by a tip from another site: stop with the needle down at every point on a clock or compass (whichever you prefer) to lift the foot and slightly turn your fabric.  This makes for a smooth looking curve without bunches.

This was mostly just a matter of staying organized... and I really did not pay attention to which circles went on which squares, but let fate play a role!

Shayna's Quilt in its New Home

I could burst with pride that this actually made it onto Shay's bed... that is a true sign of acceptance!  I also did the lettering on the poster above the bed.... heh!  Aunt Jobi strikes again!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Phew! Finished Shayna's Modern Quilt

This is a 68 X 68 quilt for Miss Shayna's New Room, which features icy blue walls and Cranberry colored accents.  She is 14, and a budding interior designer.  And she has taste, which made this project a real challenge for me!

I chose this pattern while in NYC at the City Quilter, and it seemed modern enough for my sophisticated niece... and off I went, 48 squares, 48 circles, and 48 rectangles!

Mommy: please stop looking at that quilt!  Look at ME!

I wrote the label on sparkly fabric.

The fabrics all came from Quilter's Heaven in Northbrook.  The ladies there are outrageously helpful and put up with me over many visits.  They helped choose the color scheme and forced me to consider more contrast than I was incluned to do, and I am so grateful.  They also saved me lots of dough by cutting thirds instead of halves for me!
I lost the pattern halfway through so I cannot credit the creators of the design here.  Blah.  And tonight, I tried to find the circle applique tutorial I used so I could share it with you and it has disappeared.  It was super awesome, so I may try to replicate it and post it so others can try.  I only scorched my fingers, um, 48 times.

This was a joy to make and I home Shay is cuddled up in it right now.