Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week of Beading - Installment 3

Today is my last of vacation... it has been more than 3 weeks since I have worked, the longest break I have had outside of a maternity leave since, probably, 1992.   I have more finished beaded work to show.  This stuff will not likely be gifted so I am going to go ahead and put it out there. 

The first one is from a pattern in Diane Fitzgerald's Zulu Beadwork book.  I love this design but am terrified that it is not structurally sound since it relies on thread looped on thread rather than thread sewn through beads.  So I am going to keep it and wear it and if it holds up, make more for friends, 'cause it is awesome.

The copper and dusky blue beads are both from Ding's in Winston-Salem, NC where I was for a week of my uber-vacation.  I highly recommend Ding's for bead-weavers in or visiting NC.  It carries the full line of Miyuki at good prices; excellent findings; friendly and enthusiastic owners; and, you can get your clothes altered while you shop!

This next bracelet I made up myself (not very hard, as it is just Peyote with fringe and a button from the Bead Show for a clasp, with a simple loop).  Not thrilled about how the loop/button combo spaced out.  Any advice?

The beads are twisted hexes, very irregular length but I would guess generally size 8.  The button is pressed glass, bought at the Raven's stand at Bead Show 2011.

Finally, a Kumihimo braid I finally capped and finished after doing the actual braid on the flight to Colombia in October.

These are size 8 Picasso beads in one stripe, and a size 8 matte in the other, in a similar shade.  This type of stripe is achieved by laying out your strands in a 2 Picasso - 2 matte - 2 Picasso - 2 matte configuration.  Kumihimo is ideal for airplanes as there are no needles and no loose beads, no fuss no muss, and the flight attendants are always very intrigued.  It is easy!  Get a kit and get started!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week of Beading - Installment 2

For those who subscribe to Beadwork and Bead and Button, the components in this post may look very familiar!

Krissy's first pair of earrings to the left are from Teresa Meister's Floral Chandalier necklace in the November 2010 issue of Beadwork.

The necklace  pendant below - now with my lovely niece Shayna -  is the crown of Aasia Hamid's cocktail ring in the December 2011 issue of Bead and Button.

The final pink earrings are just one unit of Cubic Right Angle Weave with loops of seed beads to make them dangle!