Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pre-Colombian Party Dress

I started this piece after last year's bead show (!!!) and finally finished it.  It is inspired by Leslie Frazier's Crystal Pave Pendant - actually, it IS Leslie Frazier's Crystal Pave Pendant, folded in half and stitched across the bottom!  I got the inspiration when I was absentmindedly playing with the circular right angle weave disk.  I had just returned from Colombia where the shapes of the pre-Colombian gold-work at the Gold Museum were dancing in my head....

I could not resist the similarity of the shape and the feel from the bronze colored beads.

The little sparkle comes from 2mm Swarovski crystals in a milky lavendar.  The chain is just a single unit right angle weave, which gives the entire thing a rough and tumble look, like it was dug up on an expedition!  I love this thing.  Wore it to a work event last week and got loads of complements, which almost never happens when I wear my work (I usually get "huh, what is that?).


Thursday, February 9, 2012

I heart Leslee Frumin!

I was super lucky to get to take Leslee's class when she was at Studio Beads earlier this winter.  I have been hammering away at her Crystal Elements and Crystal Lace and have made it through most of the patterns.  She is so brilliant and an excellent teacher. 

My big challenge is to develop a better sense of color.  Artists like Leslee have lovely designs, but what is most striking is her use of color. 

Carolyn's Necklace

This was a really happy mistake.  The pattern was supposed to be Leslie Frazier's spiral herringbone, but somehow I missed a stack, and where the 4 stacks are supposed to be nice and neat and lined up, I have three lined up and one recessed.  And it looks super neat!  Lucky Carolyn, the recipient of this one.

Awesome Cubic Right Angle Weave Necklace

I gave this one away the first time I wore it - a friend complimented it and I took it off and handed it to her right there.  Now it will always be "Rose's Necklace."

The focal bead I found at a Grayslake, IL craft fair before Christmas.  This was the only glassworker there, and he had some really nice beads.  "Pyroglasstic" Unique Glass Art by Jeff.  He does not have a web site or I would share it here, he used great color.  Keep your eye out for him...

Renee's Tila Bracelet

I saw a version of this one Jessica's wrist (from Studio Beads) and again in a sample at Bodacious Beads... both mentioned this was a free online pattern.  I found it here and it is easy and very fast!  Try it!  Next time I will use more contrast between the tilas and the surrounding size 11s... but for a first try, not bad!