Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Project with New Beads from the Show!

The colors I loved best at bead show this year were the jonquil/mint green beads, paired with the cranberry/blue beads (all Toho I think), that I selected to go with the simple lampworked flower I got from one of the fabulous glassworkers at the show - from afar they look like raspberry and lime!  DE-licious.I could not figure out how to hang the flower since the hole goes front to back rather than up and down. 
I started thinking of a breezy net, something like a stem network.  It was pretty neat, but it did not go with the focal bead in the end, when I tried to hang it on there.

I also made a think odd-count peyote rope to that has a nice twist to see if that would look good, but I missed the lime.

In the end Fiona suggested I kill two birds with one stone and make the bail into a lime-colored leafy thingy, that would solve both the need for green contrast and the need for an interesting bail.  So here it is!

I was especially happy when I put the finished net right on top of the other - not bad for an accident!

For anyone who is interested in the mechanics, the bail is a loop with leaves stitched on like loose nets, and then the cup in the back is a 6-bead circular herringbone cup with increases every row and picots on the ends.