Monday, November 14, 2016

Tila Garden 2

Also using Cindy Holsclaw's design. Soren does not approve of the colorway (he thinks it would be better if it was reversed) but I like it just fine.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016


My first posts in 2016 are in November, which says a lot about this year.

Hi, Friends,

I am posting most of my 2016 completed beading projects here in the 11th month. It has been a crazy week, and the election has me truly shaken. Making myself feel better by focusing on what I can do: love my family, be there for my friends, where a safety pin, double down on my social justice work, and blow off steam with my beautiful beads!

So, below is 2016, a review...



The Wedding Suite... for Corrie! (April, 2016)

This is Sabine Lippert's Les Fleurs design with incredible bead colorway selected at Studio Beads in Deerfield.

Bridesmaid earrings designed by Marcia DeCoster, from  Beaded Opulence. SEVEN bridesmaids!

Piggy beads (May, 2016)

I made a dupe of this necklace I designed for a friend, did not want to give it away!

For my beloved Julie A (August, 2016)

Fiberoptic Dodecahedron design by Cindy Holsclaw

Cthulu (August, 2016)

A special thinks to Nikki Thornburg for making this tentacle so I could bead for it. Long Live Cthulu!

Coiled CRAW (October, 2016)

Twisted CRAW curtesy of BeadInfinitum.

Coiled CRAW collar (January, 2016)

With a big h/t to Cindy Holsclaw for this riff on TCRAW.

The bat! I Just in time for Halloween. (October, 2016)

I love this damn bat. Bat made by Green Girl Studios, rope by me.

Stella likes to create backgrounds... (October, 2016)

This is another UFO finished thanks to a bout of bronchitis in October...

Finished UFO! (October, 2016)

Pretty sure I started this lattice weave bracelet sometime in 2010. Found it half finished while sick in October and finished it. Not bad!

My favorite new necklace (October, 2016)

CRAW with size 15 pewter finish, and some lovely matte 3mm fire polished.