Monday, February 15, 2010

Pouches everywhere...

I sewed the day away today, and have started mass producing these nifty little zip pouches.  Who knows where they will end up, but I am so pleased with the online tutorial (  that got me to the point where I can whip these professional looking little guys out in a heartbeat.  Zipper, I am your master.  Bow before me.

The fabric comes from the quilt shop in Grayslake:

Not Shayna's Bag

I made this bag for my drop-dead gorgeous 13 year old neice.  Of course, I neglected to ask her mom whether she likes bags, or carries them.  I was just all into this blue and brown motif that she carries on about, and being pleased with myself for finding good fabric, on I went.  Well, now it is not Shanyna's bag, it could be yours!
The snap-cover is hand bead bezeled around labradorite, which changes colors in different lights.  The seed beeds in the bezel are from my most recent trip to NY.  The browner more mod fabric is from the Renegade Art Fair this past summer, and the paisley is from Fiona's stash.
Soren wanted to go all out this Valentine's Day - fabric hearts tied with yarn around pieces of candy from his very own stash!