Friday, January 7, 2011

How-to - Applique Circles

Here is the tutorial I used to make the circle appliques for the 48 circles in the modern quilt for Shayna.  I sorted through 3 different tutorials and this was by far the easiest for a newbie.

To make 48 circle-in-squares, I cut 96 squares of fabric and 96 circles (based on a coaster or a template of the right size of freezer paper.) That was the hardest part!
I followed the tutorial link above to a T and, given that I am NOT a perfectionist, came out with 48 pretty nice little circles inside squares.  Sewing in a circle on the machine was helped by a tip from another site: stop with the needle down at every point on a clock or compass (whichever you prefer) to lift the foot and slightly turn your fabric.  This makes for a smooth looking curve without bunches.

This was mostly just a matter of staying organized... and I really did not pay attention to which circles went on which squares, but let fate play a role!

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  1. I love it cousin. You are awesome. I love that we are all creative in our own ways.