Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jason's Upcycled Cashmere Sweaters - Part 1

Stella is modeling the latest in cashmere sweat gear!  Her headband was once the lovely v-neck of one of Jason's now obsolete sweaters, soon to be a baby blanket.  Note the pile of cashmere fuzz to the left of her chair on the floor... 

The blanket itself will be made of the felted sweaters in 5 inch squares (as seen next to Soren to the left, 74 squares or so, 2 X 3 feet, two sided).  I pass the sewing baton on to one of Jason's other crafty friends now, but I'm happy I got to do the cutting!

I have to say it did pain me at first to maim all of those cashmiracles, but in the end I think this will be a much better life for those sweaters than them sitting in mothballs while he basks in Middle East heat.

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