Monday, February 21, 2011

Operation Eliminate UFOs - 2 down, 6ish to go*

I am challenging myself to clear the beading deck before bead show 2011 in Milwaukee.

Here are two bracelets that the day off today allowed me to finish.  It is really frightening how many UFOs (unfinished objects) I have cluttering up my space.  I started beading 5 years ago and I have several UFOs that old!

This one is flat herringbone, 10 stacks wide, with a pretty button that Fiona got me at the 2009 bead show in Milwaukee.

This one is a"lattice weave" a la Cynthia Rutledge with a nice button from the 2010 bead show.

*UFOs designed for elimination are only in the category of beading.  If I had to go after knitting and quilting UFOs, the task would be way too daunting, as I have at least one 15 year old knitting UFO and at least one a year since then waiting for me!  This challenge, I am sad to say, probably will not include my minute UFOs, beaded beads and the like that spawn like, well, spawn when I am not looking...

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