Sunday, October 7, 2012

File under: Inspired by Sabine Lippert

So, I've been obsessed with Sabine since I took a class with her at the Bead Show two years ago - she is really a brilliant designer and.... architect, I guess.  And she is super nice.  And prolific, and generous with her designs.  Check her out on her blog or her web site.

I never have the patience to go all in with her designs, but I love making one little component then throwing it in a chain.  I am a huge fan of her method for bezeling rivolis and other items... elegant, quick(er) and clever clever clever.

A little "La Fleur" from Beaded Fantasies:

A medium "La Fleur":

In this case, I made a few adjustments and "downsized" her Amazon Jewel Pendant pattern also from Beaded Fantasies...

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