Monday, March 28, 2011

Phew. Another stress-induced UFO completion.

This one has been lurking around my craft area for, oh, a year or so.  I started doing a bezel for the larger cabs, then found the matching smaller cab and did it up likewise.  Then the pair sat on the tray, and sat, and sat....... I figured out how to do the cable after finishing my last Cynthia Rutledge kit which inspired the encircled stones, which match the cabs. I have no idea what this rock is, but it sure is purdy.  I am thinking I need to take a brown sharpie and eliminate the visible white stiff interfacing onto which the tiny beads are stitched - I am a little annoyed that in the light of this picture, the white is visible. 

I have to say, this one looks lovely on.  Some of my work, well, doesn't.  My husband says it is his favorite thing I have ever made!

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  1. Beautiful and the satisfaction of a finished project!