Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bead Show Bests

I have been meaning to do my "Bead Show best of" post since about June 10, but alas, work and life intervened (and, I had a lot of beading I wanted to do).  Here are photos of my favorite items from Bead Show with contact information if you want to try to shop online!

Julie Miller, above, makes these gorgeous hollows.  She does wonders with metallic looks.

These are my favorite for earrings - lots and lots and lots of earrings...

Second annual favorite in the show, this artist has an eye for color that just kills me.  The bead at the bottom right of this photo is a re-buy from last year!

Fiona and I both got some stuff from Laura Schreiber, who also has my color number!

This is a lousy photo of some really wonderful beads - they are blue with fierce green tigery stripes.

We bought lots of Kim's beads at the Michigan bead artist booth.

Golum Studios, above, continues to have the most interesting designs in cabs, very modern and incredible color.

Our first stop at the show on Thursday night was Lisa Peters.  WE LOVE LISA.  Wow.  Every year her work gets more and more awesome!!

I love owls.  This year's owly purchase was from Mak at MAKU Studios.

We always spend a lot of time at Nikki's booth as well.  She has whimsy, this one does...

And the final haul.  The tubes on the right are seed beads, mostly from Beyond Beadery, which we annually spend an hour in line waiting to pay, but it is all worth it.  And on the bottom right are fire polished Czeck imports from our favorite Raven Studios.

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